Weekly – Short Calendar


  • Weekly review
  • Current weekly calendar
  • Weekly Big 3 (to-do list for Goals)
  • Budget section
  • Homeschool prep checklist


This is a two page spread that covers a lot!

You can remember last week with your biggest wins, carryover any action items that you missed, figure out what worked/didn’t work so you can improve this week, consider if there is anything you need to stop doing or start doing, as well as make note of your favorite moments and your hardest moments.

The calendar itself is spread over both pages so while it is short, the boxes themselves are wide.  You can simply block off days that are busy, section them off into morning/afternoon/evening or by person…the possibilities are endless!

There’s a section for your Weekly Big 3 (to-do items that work towards your Goals), a budget section so you know what bills are coming due, and a homeschool prep checklist


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